laboratorium co; Is a gesture inside the margins of contemporary society that promotes a continuous process of self-control and needs as a precondition consistency. It emerges from the mistrust towards perfeccionism, homogeneity and the expansion of technique and industrial culture. Intends to bring to surface the inmanet poetry of the activity of the intellect with the body and the material. Value is given to the form of investigation, the process to open a new way. In order to take a decision, the whole body is involved. For this reason we intend to reestablish the relationship between Intellect and Intuition. Thiniking and intuition open a road towards control and cleans blindness, dogmatism and comfortable beliefs.

Identity m/f ; architects, engineers, artists that have as a common goal to investigate architectural matters. A personal vocabulary is invented and personal tools are developed in order to solve architectural problems, curving a new path. It is not welcome the repitition of “words” invented by others, on the contrary a new form of expression is supported that sets A to Z and leads to a new architectural reality and sets in it’s center human activity.

Concept Inventory

co                       cooperativa
m                        masculine
f                          feminine
ind                     indissoluble
cr                       creation


Ioulitta Stavridi

2009                  Diplom als Klavierspielerin vom nationalen Konservatorium, Athen
2011                   MAS Architektin Ingenieurin, NTUA, Athen
2009-2012       Tätig als Architektin, Madrid
2013                   MAS LA Landschaftsarchitektur, ETH, Zürich
2012-2016        Tätig als Landschaftsarchitektin bei Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten und anton&ghiggi landschaft architektur, Zürich
seit 2016          Gründung des Laboratoriums mit Pablo Allende

 Pablo Allende

1995                  Diplom als Gitarrenspieler von La Colmena, Córdoba
1998-2001        Master Classes mit Scott Henderson, Ted Greene, Mike Miller. Ron Eschete, California
2001-2011        Freelance Musician in Jazz, Fusion and Tango, Cordoba, California and Madrid
2011today    Musical production of musical groups, singers and choreographers, Zürich
seit 2016          Gründung des Laboratoriums mit Ioulitta Stavridi

Our Colaborators