In Change

The power of the “unknown”, which includes themes as water, vegetation, soil, seasonal and climate change, leads to the proposal of a non-ending manipulation of the topographical morphology. It is a relation of back and forth, a relation which allows nature to surprise in its own way and to intervene with the new landscape. Rather than an holistic solution, it is an opening that allows solutions to be created. A regenarative approach of the topological structure in preparation for changes to come. Water instead of indicating the problem, turns into the main mean that shapes the topography. It interacts with the surface in a direct way, and generates a plethora of space qualities. Simultaneously, a space and time continuum is being created, in seek of the balance during seasons, but also during time evolution. Natural forces influence the geometry, but at the same time the geometry seeks the “optimum” way to enfold them. Water is a living organism, and the topography follows its circle. Its various states contribute to different scenographical qualities, in which vegetation plays a catalytic role. Vegetation serves as a structural and organic element.  It is the transcendence from the urban environment to the natural one and while working together with the smart and flexible surface, acts as a complementary element of the water. Nature is not an element we have to encounter, but an element we have to work with. The core of the concept is finding the way to adjust natural forces to the topography, rather than impeding them. We give nature back its right to develop according to its inner rythms. We let it breath and exist under its own rules. We position ourselves as observers by designing a trace to be followed, but at the same time permitting it to be doubted and readapted. Different scenarios help us guess what future will bring and don’t indicate a sense of indecision. Where this process ends and if it ever does, it is unknown yet, as well as the percentage of our final interplay. We let design influence and be influenced, lead and be leaded. In preparation for what emerges and for what comes after. Ioulitta Stavridi, Karolina Katsabi MAS Landscape Architecture ETHZ Final Synthesis, 2012