Going back in time, the natural environment was the one and only source of inspiration. The way forms dominated observation, the way textures interacted with colours and finally how they both achieved a harmonious coexistence consisted of the main context of examination. Sounds, light and shadow, the weather phenomena and the materiality, they all form part of the wider inspirational field. The combination of different incentives found in the natural environment triggers the architect to a curatorial process, which is inevitable not to follow. He observes, he distinguishes, he filters and he selects. He mixes what he sees with memories and ideas, old and new ones. They all move in a ”vicious” circle, in which memory challenges observation and inspiration is being born. This enriching state  of one’s mind is a non ending process, and is exactly this process that is represented through the graphics that follow. Memory traces, experiences, images, technical knowledge, critical spirit, stimuli received from the environment at a determined point in time create our subjective “Mind Collages”

Ioulitta Stavridi, Karolina Katsabi
MAS Landscape Architecture
Experimental Video, 2012